Brandon Parks Update

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On July 9th, 2013, nearly 75% of Brandon voters said “Yes” to more recreational facilities, to improve Shiloh Park, and to build new sidewalks and bike paths.


On January ??, 2014, the city of Brandon retained the National Association of Sports Commissions to conduct a Sports Facility Feasibility Study and Market Analysis. Their study concluded that the facilities envisioned by Brandon would benefit not only the city but the entire county.

On March 21st, 2014, the Brandon Board of Aldermen held a special called board meeting to approve the acquisition of 125 acres located in the heart of Brandon on Boyce Thompson Drive and Marquette Road. Mayor Lee went through a presentation. The presentation gave citizens an insight into how the board came to this decision.

We are asking all Rankin Countians to show their support by signing our petition. Your support will go a long way towards letting them know that an overwhelming number of Rankin Countians support the vision laid out by Mayor Butch Lee and the Board of Aldermen.

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