Brandon Opry

Brandon’s Country-Gospel Opry.

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Have Your Event In Brandon

Want to have your next corporate event in Brandon?  Have it at City Hall!

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If you are looking for a place to book your next meeting, the City of Brandon has a great variety of rooms. From large events in our civic center to one of our training rooms, Event Services can help you find the best room to fit your needs.

Contact Event Services:

Lori Farrar



Civic Center


8597 square feet

1228 seat capacity with concentrated chairs

1719 stand room only

573 seat capacity with tables and chairs

1071 square foot stage

2700 square foot dance floor

2 drop down projection screens

2 side projectors


Sound System

Dressing Rooms

Concession stand for service

Busick & Buchanan Rooms


33 Capacity ;  660 square feet

Drop down projection screen

Ceiling Projector

Refreshment Area

Senior Services Room


132 Capacity ; 2646 square feet

Projection Screen

Ceiling Projector

Sound System


Senior Services Small Room (2)


35 Capacity ; 696 square feet

Inquire about renting the center

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