Community Development

The mission of the Community Development Department is to promote and facilitate quality development and private investment in the community that contributes to making the City of Brandon an Exceptional Community to live, play and work.

Zoning Map & Land Use Table

Zoning Map

The Community Development Department has also created a Land Use Table for use in informing people on permitted and conditional uses in various zones across the city.

Land Use Table

Building Permit Information


Permits are issued in the name of the applicant. For this reason, it is recommended that the contractor (rather than the property owner or lessee) apply for the permit. This will insure the contractor is held responsible for correcting any code violations. Commercial projects must be permitted by a Mississippi licensed contractor, registered to do business in the City of Brandon.

Building permits may be obtained by submitting to Community Development a completed application for a building permit, a site plan of the land on which the proposed work is to be done, a statement of the use or occupancy of all parts of the land and buildings, a brief description of the proposed work along with a cost estimate, two complete sets of the project construction plans, the full name and address of the property owner/applicant, and a statement that the work shall be performed in compliance with the currently adopted building codes, applicable state/local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations. The permit fee is based on total construction costs.


Community Development Fee Schedule


Contractor Registration Form


Code Enforcement


The City of Brandon is committed to working with citizens and businesses in a joint effort to preserve and improve all of our residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. We share your desire to maintain the quality of life throughout your neighborhood and where you work, shop and conduct business. Maintaining and enhancing our neighborhoods is also important because it protects the property value of your home.

To ensure tranquil neighborhoods and commercial areas, the city has adopted the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code, as well as other local codes and ordinances, to establish a minimum for the proper maintenance of residential and commercial properties.

Code Enforcement Officers work to investigate complaints of violations. If a violation is noted, our Officers work with the property owners and tenants to correct any violations and bring the property into compliance with City codes.

To report a potential code violation fill out the form below.



To view a list of common code enforcement issues Click Here.


If you have recently received a Notice of Violation Click Here.


Planning and Zoning



The Zoning Division provides critical assistance to the public regarding the zoning of residential and commercial property, reviews zoning action requests, and provides zoning verification and zoning certification letters. Additionally, the Zoning Division administers the City’s Sign Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance and Current Zoning Map. To request a zoning verification letter or certificate fill out the Zoning Information Application.

The Zoning Division serves as the liaison between the Planning Commission and the Board of Aldermen. The Planning Commission consists of nine residents who are appointed to one-year terms by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month when requests have been submitted. The most frequent request heard by the Planning Commission are requests for zoning action. Requests for zoning action include variances, rezoning and conditional uses.



Zoning Map

The Community Development Department has also created a Land Use Table for use in informing people on permitted and conditional uses in various zones across the city.

Land Use Table



The Community Development Department, through the Development Review Program, is responsible for the enforcement of various city codes and regulations. Plan review is performed by the Plan Review Committee which is comprised of the Community Development Director, the City Engineer, the Public Works Director, the Fire Chief and the Construction Plans Examiner.  We are committed to being a helpful and enthusiastic partner in the private development process.

Historic Preservation

The Brandon Historic Preservation Commission provides homeowners, residents and developers with information and guidance for Brandon’s historic downtown architecture, streetscapes, and historic resources. To view a map of Brandon’s Historic District Click Here.

The Brandon Historic Preservation Commission’s main role is planning and advocating for the protection and appreciation of Brandon’s historic and architecturally significant resources. Our primary tasks involve reviewing applications for certificates of appropriateness involving signage and facade changes within the Downtown Historic District. We also provide technical assistance, education and guidance as needed in planning and preserving all historic resources within Brandon.

The HPC serves as an advisory commission to the Architectural Review Board and the Board of Aldermen. Historic Preservation Commission Members has six commissioners. All positions are appointed by the Board of Aldermen with the exception of the Ex-Officio position held by Director of Community Development for the City of Brandon.


Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Schedule
The Historic Preservation Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the conference room at the Brandon Public Library. All meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend, please call Community Development at (601) 824-4580 to confirm the meeting time and date.

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