Storm Debris Information

Brandon, Mississippi – The city of Brandon is announcing that beginning tomorrow, May 1, 2014, a debris removal company will begin to remove storm debris. The city has been broken down into sections with College Street being the first street where crews will begin work.

Debris must be separated by:

A: Vegetative meaning whole trees, stumps, branches, and other leafy material

B: Construction and demolition (C&D) being but not limited to lumber, wood, roofing material, pipe, carpeting, or floor covering.

“We are asking residents to not place storm debris in or on top of city storm drains or in a position that blocks fire hydrants,” stated Mayor Butch Lee. Crews will make an initial pass across all affected streets, collecting debris, and will then begin to come back for a second pass. Also, there will be certain streets where residential garbage will not occur tomorrow due to streets not being passable. Those areas include Prescott Drive, Bentonwood Drive, Shelby Drive and portions of East and West Jasper Street, College Street, Busick Well Road, East and West Sunset Drive and streets running off of these. These residents will receive Saturday, May 3rd, service from Waste Management. Please have your trash cans out by 7:00 AM.

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